Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Septum Pierced

About 9 weeks ago now, I got my septum pierced. I've always wanted to get it done so I thought that now would be a good chance to get it (I'd also made a drunken promise to my boyfriend that we'd get piercings on the same day). After scouting out a few different places in Bristol, we were pointed in the direction of Inked Up, which I would recommend but I will warn you that if you're nervous they aren't the kind of guys that would try and soothe you. I think it cost about £25 including the price for the jewellery. 

The Process: First they ask you if you need to blow your nose and then they give it a good clean to remove them bogies (ew), followed by sterilisation of the area. In your nose there's a sweet spot of skin below the cartilage and that is what gets pierced. Some places will clamp your nose to make it easier. However mine was done free hand. They pop a needle through the sweet spot and you're sort of sat there with this huge thing through your septum. They then pop in the jewellery. For mine they put in a curved barbell which doesn't stick out of your nose. They do this because it makes your piercing less prone to infection as it's not sticking out the nose collecting dirt. 

Does it hurt? All piercings hurt to some extent because your having a big chunk of your skin pierced. Septum piercings do hurt a bit but I found it bearable and the pain only lasted a few moments whilst the actual incision was made. My nose did stay sore whilst it was healing so be try not to knock it too much. Just a heads up it makes it hard to kiss because of accidental nose hitting. 

Aftercare: Looking after your septum piercing is pretty easy. In the morning and evening clean around the piercing with hot salty water (saline solution). It will get a bit crusty and if you're ill snot might build up on it, you've just got to keep an eye on it and clean it regularly. I did this for pretty much for all 8 weeks of the cleaning process. If you think it's getting a bit smelly or you develop a little lump, add a few drops of tea tree oil to the solution and do this for a few days and it will clear up. 

When Can I Change the Jewellery? I'd recommend leaving it for the full 8 weeks before changing the jewellery as I wanted to make sure it was fully healed. Make sure you know what size jewellery you currently have and get your desired replacement in the same size, You can go to a piercing shop to get it changed but they will charge you. If you're doing it yourself I'd recommend having someone there to help. I needed someone to screw the balls onto my new horseshoe. If doing it yourself, make sure you soak the new jewellery in a saline solution first to clean it and also clean around the piercing. It can be difficult to put the new jewellery but don't panic and keep trying and I'm sure you'll do it. 

And there we have it -  everything you need to know about getting your septum pierced!

Are you thinking about getting your septum pierced?

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Friday, 7 October 2016

AW16 Fashion Forecast from Bristol Fashion Week

So I went to Bristol Fashion Week last week where they showcased this AW's trends as styled by some of the stores at the Mall Cribbs Causeway where the show was hosted. I tagged along  to the live blogging show to see what they put together and to see  what's going to be popular this season. 

Military styled by M&S and Radley: What is AW without a military trend? Trench coats with gold detailed buttons and chunky boots just scream that winter is here. BFW topped it off with head tassles giving a nod to 18th/19th century military uniforms.

Sportslux styled by Jack Wills: My pictures of this show didn't come out too good as there was a lot of dancing but you can imagine this look as your typical Jack Wills style with thick gilets and comfy hoodies. 

Oversized styled by Next: This was mainly a parade of fancy oversized coats which I love. I love a good boyfriend jacket or a smart oversized coat but the catwalk also saw puffer jackets that are guaranteed to keep your warm.

Pastels style by John Lewis and Pandora: Pastels always scream spring but they can definitely work for the winter too, paired with burgundy lips and a pair of heeled pointed boots. John Lewis nailed this look!

Lifestyle styled by Crew and Gap: This was a very chilled, every day sort of look but still with a touch of class you'd expect from Crew. It was mainly jeans and smart jacket for a preppy look. 

Gothic styled by Coast: This was a trend that I clearly loved, I mean it was a whole lot of black outfits, what's not to love? Coast showed that gothic could be dressed up with textures such as lace and off the shoulder shapes. 

Mismatch styled by Cath Kidston, Jack and Jones and Specsavers: Mismatch patterns is always a risky trend as it's easy to wrong but Cath Kidston, with all of the wonderful florals, obviously managed to get it right. They showed that the best way to make it work is pairing a patterned outfit with a loud raincoat, perfect for the downpours we are definitely going to get. 

Fairytale styled by Karen Millen, Next and Accesorize: I really enjoyed this catwalk. It was filled with magical metallic outfits topped with Frida Kahlo inspired floral crowns, something that is usually a summer trend but definitely works in winter. Perhaps try a grungey deep red floral crown.

Animal by John Lewis and River Island: Animal print is something that I usually stay away from but this year I love it. Leopard print is particularly drawing my attention. I'm thinking boots and skirt in the print would be really sassy. 

Opulence by M&S, Accesorize and Specsavers: I can tell this is going to be huge this season. I find opulence to be associated with textures such as leather, velvet and silk all in black, white, red, siler and gold. It makes an outfit look expensive but thanks to the high street, it doesn't have to injure your purse. 

So they were what Bristol Fashion Week have forecast to be the top trends this season. What do you think?

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