Friday, 10 June 2016

5 Positive Things: Week 2

I quite enjoyed doing my last positive things post so here's another one, even if it is a tad late.
  1. Slow Club played in Bristol. They've been one of my favourite bands for such a long time and I finally got to see them and they certainly did not disappoint. 
  2. I had an awesome bank holiday weekend in the sunshine which always makes you feel a whole lot better
  3. We experienced St Werburgh's Summer Fair which is essentially a mini festival with loads of food, drink and amazing music. 
  4. I got an interview for an internship that I want so fingers crossed for that. 
  5. I had my first dissertation meeting which went pretty well so I feel a lot more relaxed about that and motivated to get cracking over the Summer.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Summer Lookbook

I've been a bit absent once again, I know so I thought I'd compile a bit of a summer lookbook for you, showing what I've been wearing now that the weather is much warmer (can I get a hell yeah). I don't know why I haven't blogged more lookbooks as they are a simple way to put all your favourite outfits into one place, to give both yourself and others inspiration. If you wanted a physical copy of your lookbook to document your style you could always get one printed  as Social Print Studio have a pretty awesome collection of photo books, especially the really sweet mini versions

Boohoo Bandanna Necktie // H&M top // Topshop Skirt NOW ONLY £3// Primark Boots

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been loving neck ties, especially with off the shoulder tops - another ultimate favourite. This one from H&M has 3/4 sleeves so is good for those chillier days but there are plenty of short sleeved versions to choose from. 

H&M Top // Primark Culottes // Topshop Shoes

Who doesn't love a good pair of culottes? They're lightweight and really comfy but look pretty awesome at the same time. I've been pairing mine with an off the shoulder top of course.  

Shirt Dress - Charity Shop // Shoes Topshop

My pinterest is filled with crisp shirts and smart wear so when I stumbled across this shirt dress in a charity shop, I had to buy it. It's a bit see through so I got a simple cami dress to go underneath it. It's really lightweight a perfect look for a summer evening. I've worn it only a few times and I am yet to spill something on it. So far so good but it is likely to happen. 

What have you been wearing so far this summer?

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Leigh Woods, Clifton Suspension Bridge & Bandanna Neck Ties


Topshop Dress // Boohoo Necktie // Dr Martens Shoes

This bank holiday weekend I headed to across the Clifton Suspension Bridge to Leigh Woods for a picnic and sunbathing. The weather was pretty much perfect and I got myself some nice sunburn. I wore this Topshop dress that I've had for ages but updated the look with a bandanna neck tie - a trend that I am loving at the moment. The only issue I have with it is that it makes you 10x hotter than you need to be and in this heat, it's not always practical but besides that it's pretty awesome. 

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