Monday, 31 March 2014

Recent Favourites: Hair & Beauty

I am getting a bit bored of my usual monthly favourites posts and I never post them at the end of the month so I thought I would start a new format where I can show you my favourite things at whatever point during the month that I feel like.
Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray - Due to my overuse of heated hair tools, especially since I got a curling wand for Christmas, I have been in desperate need to take better care of my hair and since I was pleased with the Tresemmé keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner, I opted for the heat protection spray from the same range. Not only does it protect your hair from the heat, it makes it so incredibly soft and strengthens your hair by building up keratin (stuff that makes your hair, nails and bones stronger). I love this product so much and it means I don't need to use a leave in conditioner to keep it soft.
Topshop Stippling Foundation Brush - I had been looking for an alternative to a flat foundation brush because I personally don't like the way they apply foundation as it think it makes it a bit smudgy and uneven so I saw this one in Topshop which is so pretty and blue. It is excellent at blending in foundation to leave you with a natural looking and non-patchy face. I don't think I will ever go back to using a flat brush.
Barbara Daly Powder Brush (similar here) - Another make up brush I have been pleased with recently is the Barbara Daly powder brush which I managed to get from Tesco at about £3 as it was in a 'better than half price' sale. It is a silky sort of smooth as opposed to a soft sort of smooth if that makes any sense at all. I find that it spreads the powder out a lot more evenly than me other one and blends it in a bit more. To say it is from a supermarket it is pretty good.
Seventeen Eye Kohl - I am rubbish with pencil eyeliners but they can really add a lot to your make up look and I was in desperate need of a new one so I bought this Seventeen kohl pencil. I normally find that pencil eyeliners make my eyes water but this one doesn't. It is quite dark so you don't need layers and layers and lasts all day without making you look like a panda. When I run out I will definitely be repurchasing this product.
Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Protect and Glow Illuminating Light Lotion - Other than the super long name of this moisturiser that is a bit of a mouthful to say, I love this product. I mentioned in my everyday skincare routine post that I used the blue version of this but it was for dry skin but I finally got around to getting the right one for my skin type which is just normal skin. I bought this mainly for the SPF 20 because it is important to protect your skin from UV rays boys and girls. I don't know how to tell whether it protects your skin or whether there is a way to tell but lets presume that it does, I love this moisturiser as it's not greasy and it really does make your skin really smooth. I can't say that it has made me skin more 'illuminated' but that doesn't bother me that much to be honest.
Topshop Lipstick in Beguiled - Last but definitely not least is my new favourite lipstick from Topshop which is such a wonderful deep plum colour but isn't too dark. Thankfully it doesn't dry out your lips and lasts all day. Finally I have found the perfect lipstick - hallelujah.
There we have it, a few things I have been loving. What have been your favourite hair and beauty products recently?

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Post #6


This week has been so hectic but has also been so fab! Last Friday I went to Birmingham to visit my Dad. On Saturday we went to Bristol to see the University of West England and it was so beautiful and I really wouldn't mind going there if I didn't get into Bristol Uni. Then from Monday to Wednesday I went to lovely London on a psychology trip to see Zimbardo (you psychology geeks will understand how awesome that is). Naturally we also went shopping around Covent Gardens and went to see a the production of The Woman in Black which is shit scary and so different to the film. And to top it all off on Tuesday it was my 18th Birthday and celebrated by having a cheeky vodka and coke at the theatre which was a whopping £6 but was totally worth it. Despite my absence this week I have managed to post a few things mainly because I had them scheduled. Here is what has been on my blog this week or so:
A guide to gift giving: 5 Simple Tips - I am always being told that I am ace at buying gifts for people so I thought I would share my gift giving wisdom.
Skull Candy Hesh 2 - For Christmas my lovely sister bought me some Skull Candy headphones so I thought I would write a little review of them. Check it out if you need some fabby headphones.
Turtle Neck - One of my favourite outfit posts at the moment featuring my primark turtle neck and charity shop jeans
Spring Lipsticks - Since I was getting excited about the Spring I decided to share with you the lipsticks I will be wearing the most. Saying that I was given two beautiful lipsticks for my birthday from my wonderful friends.
Pastel Blue - Another outfit post again getting ready for Spring with my fave pastel jumper.
That's all that has been on my blog this week. Hope you've enjoyed this week's posts.

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Pastel Blue


 Jumper - Primark // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - Dr Martens
I really love the simplicity of this outfit but I think the jumper and jeans were made for each other. There really is something about oversized crop jumpers and high waisted skinny jeans that is just wonderful. As you can probably tell I am getting ready for srping and starting to wear more pastel colours and I can tell this jumper is going to be worn a lot this spring.
I feel as though I have spent the last week travelling. I figured it out and I have travelled around 800 miles over the past 6 days which is a lot to say that I never go anywhere. It is safe to say that I am shattered and need mucho sleep. 

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring Lipsticks

 Seeing as it's officially nearly Spring (5 days!!) I thought I would share with you the lipstick shades that I find are perfect for Spring. In the spring I tend to opt for brighter shades to move away from the gloominess of winter and to obviously match the brighter Spring fashion trends. Saying that I will probably wear black throughout the Spring and Summer but even still a brighter shade adds a bit of brightness to your outfit and makes it all that more season appropriate.

 MUA Matte Lipstick in Pouty Pink - My friend bought me this lipstick for Christmas and I also bought it for my other friend for Christmas and secretly wanted to keep it for myself. It looks quite bright but once applied it isn't very pigmented but it gives it more of a pastel look to it. It's a very girly lipstick in my opinion and it would be a perfect addition to a pretty little spring outfit. However wear some lipgloss or lip balm underneath as it's quite dry since it's matte.  

Natural Collection Lipstick in Rose Petal - I bought this when I was looking for a natural looking lipstick and it really is the perfect colour but does need re-applying throughout the day. I try not to put too much on as it looks a bit cakey when you have too much on and just looks silly but with just the right amount, or blotting on some tissue, it can really add something to a natural spring make up look. 

MUA Lipstick in Shade 3 - Everybody needs a bright pink lipstick in their lives and I love this one from MUA which for £1 is amazing. It's not drying at all and it's quite silky and the colour lasts for quite a while throughout the day. The shade is great for Spring as it's bright but not too 'in your face' and it adds a Spring like feel to your outfit without making much of an effort.

Topshop Moisturising Lipstick in the shade infrared - I have gone on about this lipstick so much since I bought it a year ago and despite it being quite drying I really do love it. Orange seems to be quite a popular lip colour as of recent as it's a bit more unusual and daring and you will get a few funny looks. However it is the best  colour for spring as it puts me in a summery mood!
Laval lipstick in the shade red desire - This was the very first lipstick that I bought and it was £1 from a random make up shop in St Anne's and I absolutely adore it still even though it's old and I should probably get rid of it. It's a bit different to my other red shades which are all a bit darker where as this is quite bright and happy which to me represents how you're supposed to feel in the spring - is that just me? This is perfect for when you want to go for the classic red lipstick look without opting for your more wintery shades.
Those are the lipsticks I will be mainly wearing throughout the spring and probably summer too. Will you be opting for any of these shades or similar ones? What are your favourite Spring lipsticks?

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Turtle Neck


 Jacket - Primark // Jumper - Primark // Jeans - Charity Shop // Belt - Primark (old) // Boots - Dr Martens
Ever since I bought this jumper from Primark the other month I have worn it so much and what better thing to pair with them than my uhmaaaazing mom style jeans that I bagged in a charity shop last year. I love them so much but my waist seems to have shrunk so they are a bit big but it's nothing my ancient Primark belt can't fix.
When you are reading this I will be in London - hurraah and it will be my last day of being 17, meaning tomorrow I am officially an adult. I don't want to grow up!

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Skull Candy Hesh 2

For Christmas my lovely sister bought me these Skull Candy Hesh 2 Over Ear Headphones. I'm not really used to over ear headphones never mind good quality ones so these are a big change from my £5 pink ones from ASDA.
First of all the quality of them is actually amazing, especially with the volume high. You can really tell the difference between over ear and in ear headphones as it really does make a lot of difference. The only issue is that they aren't the comfiest things in the world as they squash the top of my ears a little bit and the backs of my glasses but I do think I a probably an idiot and wearing them wrong so for the average person who knows that they're doing they are probably really comfy.
Also I probably wouldn't wear them out in public because 1) I don't want to get them stolen from my bag at sixth form 2) They don't really block your music from the rest of the world so I would get many angry looks from people on the bus 3) I would be really self conscious as they mess up my hair and I would feel like everyone was looking at me. However they are perfect for when I am sat revising or for when I am watching Youtube videos. If you have the confidence to wear this sort of headphones out then I am jealous and congrats to you.
Generally they are fab and you should go and get some. They have some pricier ones with additional features like a microphone (would you really need that?) but these are fab for simply listening to music and generally jamming. Yep I did just say that.

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Guide To Gift Giving: 5 Simple Tips

A very different theme to what I usually blog about but I am always being told by my friends that I buy good presents so I thought I would share my gift buying tips because it really isn't difficult and there is no need for it cost you a fortune. So here are my top 5 tips you might want to consider when buying for your friends, family, other half or whoever you want to buy gifts for.
1. Stop and think about the person you are buying for - so this might seem like a simple step but I know a lot of people will leave buying presents until the very last minute and buy panic and buy something you know they wont use. If you just take 5 minutes to stop and think about the person it will really help. Make a list of things you know they like, might need or just general ideas. If something pops into your head when you're sat in bed philosophically thinking about the meaning of life, put a reminder in your phone!
2. Do you have any inside jokes with the person you're buying for?  - I think this will work best if you're looking for a present for your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend. You know when you might laugh over and over again with them about something only you two understand? Buy them something related to it. I once gave my friend a snow globe with pictures of Lenny Henry and Karl Pilkington in. To everyone else that might seem weird but trust me she loved it. The fact that you have actually remembered a conversation you had will make their day as it shows that you have put some thought into the gift. Just hope that they remember the joke too.
3. Take notice of what they say to you - If you make a conscious effort to make a mental note (or again write it down) of what people say to you in everyday conversations, you might pick up on something that they might need or like. For instance my friend spoke to me about the film 'my fair lady' once in a conversation and I went out and found an old copy of the book and got it for her birthday and she loved it. It shows that you have listened when they tell you things and it's more thoughtful than buying something random in a panic.
4. Personalised gifts - This is an easy and meaningful gift idea that wont really cost you that much money. One of the best, and my favourite options, is to buy a pretty photo frame and put in a picture of you and them (and maybe with other people too) as it will remind them of when it was taken which should hopefully be a happy memory. The picture doesn't always have to be one of you and them, you could always go for the inside joke option again and put in a picture of their favourite celebrity/strange crush or fascination they have. (You can spruce up your frames by following my DIY bright photo frames tutorial)
5. Look in shops that you might not normally visit - I am talking pound shops, B&M and Home and Bargains because, although they seem like the sort of shops that sell cheap chocolate and other random and useless crap, if you keep your eyes peeled you can find some really lovely stuff some of which is similar to more expensive shops. For example, I bought an adorable bunny lamp from Urban Outfitters for £9 and they had the exact same one in Home and Bargains for £1.99. I was so annoyed because of the amount I paid but it would make a perfect gift. They do such pretty gifts that you might put in the home such as photo frames, wall decorations, jewellery holders etc. and they don't cost a bomb which means you can buy more stuff and more presents is always fun for the receiver.
Those are my gift buying tips and I think the main idea is just to put a bit of thought into buying presents because the receiver with appreciate it a lot more than if you just buy something completely random.
Do you have any gift buying tips? Comment below because I would love to hear them!


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Monday, 17 March 2014

Sunday-ish Post No. 5

So this week's Sunday Post is actually on a Monday because I couldn't decide on a picture to put with it so here is Nancy's face right before we had cuddles. This week has gone so blummin quick I have no idea what I've been doing. I have been dreading this next week because I have my EPQ presentation and I have to catch a train on my own for the first time - waah I am growing up! I have posts scheduled for you so it will seem that I am not busy but in fact I will be a busy busy bee. This is what I have posted this week:
Favourite Winter Nail Varnishes - It is what it says on the tin really. The nail varnishes that I have loved this winter. Saying that I will probably wear these through out the spring....and summer and whenever I feel like it!
Eagles -  One of my favourite outfits at the moment featuring not just one eagle but two both of which are on jewellery and totally unintentionally matched.
What has been your favourite blog post this week?

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Saturday, 15 March 2014



Shirt - Primark (really old) // T-shirt - Primark (men's) // Faux Leather Skirt - H&M // Necklace - New Look // Boots - Dr Martens // Ring - Vintage Fair
I have seen bloggers, celebrities and people in street style snaps wearing check shirts over the top of t-shirts and tied around their waists and I just the love the casualness of it. I think it works more with check shirts that are a bit more oversized and perhaps not blue but I still think it works so y'know. I decided to jazz it up a little bit with this eagle statement necklace, which is my sister's, with my matching eagle ring. I think this is an outfit I will wear a lot more at weekends as it's not boring but it's not too extravagant - it's just a nice inbetween sort of style.
I hope you're all having a fab week and have a super weekend.

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Favourite Winter Nail Varnishes

Throughout the winter I think it's mandatory to wear wintery shades to match your gloomy mood as well as your outfit. This winter I have seemed to be constantly wearing any of these 4 shades: Barry M Nail Paint in Red Wine (full review), Ciaté Mini in Cookies and Cream, MUA in Moody Mink and Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish in Pompous (full review).

Barry M Nail Paint in Red Wine: This is the most perfect red shade for winter as it's not too bright and in your face, as you might want in Spring or Summer, and works even better when you have applied a few coats to give more of a deeper, burgundy colour. This colour is one of my favourites anyway, other than black, so matches the vast majority of my winter wardrobe.
Ciaté Mini in Cookies & Cream: The above picture doesn't do this nail varnish much justice as in reality it's more of a creamy-grey colour - basically how it looks in the bottle. It's great for when you're opting for the nude look because it's extremely subtle and doesn't chip easily so is low maintenance, perfect for lazy winter days when you really cannot be bothered.
MUA in Moody Mink: I actually bought this nail varnish to put in my friend's Christmas cracker that I made (yes I am an awesome friend) and I was secretly jealous that I was giving her such a pretty colour of nail varnish. Luckily my other friend bought me the exact same one for me for Christmas. As with other MUA products, I was highly impressed especially to say that it's a mere £1. It is the most perfect dark pastel colour so not too bright for winter but also fantastic for spring and the best thing is that it doesn't chip easily. I love it and will definitely re-purchase it when I run out.
Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Pompous: I love the slight hint of metallicness (yes that I did just make up that word) in this nail varnish because it makes it a bit more exciting that your normal dark purple. Rimmel never fail to please me as their nail polishes, once applied, last for ages and their thick brushes make it so much easier to apply. I tend to wear this on the rare occasion that I go out in the evening or for when I want to make an effort because I think it's a bit more glam than my other faves.
So there you have it, my favourite winter nail varnishes and hopefully it wont be winter for much longer and I can move onto more pastel shades - who am I kidding winter is going to last for a few more months yet.
What are your favourite winter nail polishes or just general favourites?

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Post No. 4

This week I have had my results back from my mock exams and hooray for me I didn't fail any of them. I am now going to spend the next 2 weeks stressing over my EPQ, going to Bristol and going to London on top of revision. I am also popping to a vintage fair this week as long as it's still on as they seem to get cancelled a lot. In blogging news I have learnt how to use my camera properly and also the Pixlr Editor which I think is a lot like Photoshop (maybe) but it means that I can edit my pictures properly and hopefully you will notice that they are beginning to look a lot better!
This week I have posted:
Blue Jeans & Pink Shirt - Just a simple outfit post featuring a cute little pink shirt from Primark and high-waisted jeans that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with.
New In: Hair and Beauty Purchases - A follow up post to last week's fashion purchases post but instead featuring the new hair and beauty things I have been buying including make up from Topshop.
Hat Life - Another outfit post with my amaaaazing River Island hat that I am so in love with and my beloved paisley pants.
I hope you've all had a fab week!

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Hat Life


 Hat - River Island // Trousers - Matalan // Top - Primark // Shoes - Topshop (old) // Rings - H&M // Lipstick - Topshop in 'beguiled'
Another new obsession for you that you should expect to see in many outfit posts over the next forever - this blummin amazing hat. I did take a bit of a gamble buying this hat because I was shopping on my own and I really didn't want to put the hat on and look in the mirror to check if it suited me because I know people would have given me weird looks - thinking about it, it does seem a bit weird that I didn't want to do that. Anyhow I absolutely love it and thought it would look perfectly with my paisley pants and I think this will be a perfect spring/summer outfit for when it is acceptable to actually go out without any socks on (I was actually wearing big purple fluffy socks on this day because I wasn't leaving the house). I am counting down the days until warm weather. I need it now. 

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New In: Hair & Beauty Purchases

As I mentioned in my fashion purchases post, I have also recently picked up a few new hair and beauty products that I would share with you.

Topshop Lipstick in Beguiled and Blusher in Head Over Heels -  I got a total bargain with these when in Topshop the other day as they came in a Christmas gift set which was £12 but had a whopping 30% off meaning it was only £8.40. That is so cheap to say that the lipstick is supposed to be £8 and the blusher is supposed to be £7 if you bought them separately so it is worth buying it even if you just want the lipstick. I love the shade of the lipstick, it's such a deep plum and is just so perfect. I don't tend to use blusher very often so I cannot wait to use this one.


 Topshop Foundation Brush - When I was out shopping I was umming and ahing over whether to buy the real techniques stippling brush but I couldn't justify spending £11 on one make up brush. I found this one in Topshop which is undoubtedly much prettier and £8. I know you're thinking 'is she really bothered about £3' but I had a £10 gift voucher so overall the lipstick, blusher and the brush, with the £10 voucher knocked off and student discount, cost me about a fiver. Bargain if you ask me. I have only used the brush a couple of time so far but I adore it.
Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray Mini - I used this salt spray all throughout last summer and I loved it so much so I had to buy some more ready for the Spring and Summer. I don't tend to get through a big bottle and I didn't want to spend £7 on hair stuff but I could justify spending £2.19 on a little bottle - oh the life of a cheap skate. 
Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray - With all the straightening and curling and god knows what else I tend to do with my hair, I have needed to buy something to protect my hair from the heat. Since I was impressed with the Keratin Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner and hair mask, it seemed just about right to try this out. So far it has made my hair really soft, so soft that I don't need the leave in conditioner that I have raved about so much.
Have you bought any new beauty products recently?
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Monday, 3 March 2014

Blue Jeans & Pink Shirt

Cardigan - Charity Shop // Shirt - Primark  // Jeans - BDG at Urban Outfitters // Boots - Doc Martens
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these jeans because they are the perfect colour of blue and have belt loops but they fasten at the side and are baggier than I really want. It seems it's impossible to find a pair of super skinny, high-waisted jeans in this colour - like the Topshop jonis  but with belt loops. Jeans issues aside, I am so in love with this pink shirt so expect to see it a lot throughout the spring. It's so easy to wear and matches with almost everything that I own, including this beautiful cardigan that I got from a charity shop a while back which I think is handmade (maybe) because I can't find any traces of a label anywhere.
In other news, I have recently found my pink lipstick that I thought I had lost. It turns out that Nancy had stolen it and put it under my bed. Cheeky little kitty cat.

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