Monday, 30 September 2013

Week In Photos #38

OOTD // Sat by the canal at the Huddersfield open day // Paisley pyjamas and new knitting // Cute napkins // ASOS order // Cakes // Drunk selfies x 2 // Got me some zlotys
First things first let me apologise for being a very naughty blogger. I haven't blogged since who knows when because I have been so busy with sixth form work, personal statements, preparing for my trip to Poland and organising my sister's 21st birthday party where I got immensely drunk in front of my family. I did warn you that I was turning into one of those bloggers this year. Anyhow I can't say that the next few weeks will be much better because as of tomorrow I start huge preparations for my trip to Poland with the Holocaust Educational Trust. I am so excited but everything is so stressful.

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Review: Barry M Lipstick shade '151'

I spotted this lipstick in Superdrug not long ago and I really like the colour of it and I have been meaning to add to my pitiful excuse of a lipstick collection which previously consisted of mostly red. I really like the corally shade to it which I think is quite summery but can also be made to look good in the winter. This is what it looks like when applied:

The lipstick is quite sheer so a few coats are needed for full coverage. The colour is lovely and lasts for a long time, unlike some of my other lipsticks. The best thing is the fact that it doesn't dry out your lips. I have so many lipsticks claiming to be moisturising and by the end of the day my lips will be horribly dry and flaky, luckily this is the exact opposite.  This lipstick has given me high hopes for all of the other Barry M lipsticks so I think I will be adding to my collect very soon.

Do you like Barry M lipsticks?

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

What's in my college bag?

I have been thinking of doing  what's in my bag post especially after realising how terrible my last one was. I decided to do a college version of the post seeing as I spend 5 days a week there so this is the stuff I tend to carry around with me the most.
 The bag I mostly use for sixth form is this plain black  one from Primark. It was £12 and I got it thinking that I would be able to fit loads of stuff in it. Whilst it does fit a lot in, it isn't spacious enough my endless amount of folders and I can only fit 1 big folder in but hey that's what a locker is for right? On days where I have to take in a lot of stuff I sometimes use my Rokit Vintage tote bag that you get free when you spend £50.

Folder - Wilkinsons // Notepad, civil rights text book and diary // ruler // big ass water bottle // hand sanitizer wipes // paracetamol // natural collection pressed powder - boots // lipstick // Cath Kidston mirror // Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream // Ipod // my rubbish phone (sony xperia X8 // pencil case // sixth form card and locker key // hole punch // headphones

I obviously have all of my general college stuff to get me through the day but I can assure you I will always have many more folders, books etc. than this but I couldn't be bothered to photograph them all and that would be boring wouldn't it? I don't take a lot of stuff in terms of make up like some people do because my make up actually stays on throughout the day and I rarely need to top it up however I do take some powder just to be on the safe side. My hand cream is an absolute essential both in my school bag and hand bag because my school and places when I'm out often have cheap soap that makes my hands really dry and I always have hand sanitizer or these wipes with me too. I think the rest of the items are pretty much self explanatory and are not very interesting, apart from my ipod which I have dug and out and started to use more.
What are your bag essentials?

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Prim & Proper

 Shirt - H&M // Dress - Ark // Socks - Topshop // Shoes - Doc Martens

Firstly apologies for the first image being out of focus, I didn't realise until I had taken the photos and had gone inside, by which time it was raining so I was not going to take them again. I think it's official - Autumn is upon us. This shirt is perfect for AW as it's great for layering under dresses such as this one. It also makes the dress look a bit smarter for sixth form as we have a strict dress code. One of my favourite trends for this season is definitely tartan so I will be wearing this dress all the time.

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far.

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week In Photos #37

 OOTD (H&M jumper and charity shop jeans) // Nancy rolling on the floor // I'm learning to knit // Cappuccino Cake // Nancy playing with my knitting // Tartan // Mirror selfie // OOTD (Primark jumper and Topshop dress post here) // Selfie // Bought some sewing patterns // New desk // Another mirror selfie

Hey lovelies! There's lots of selfies this week, perhaps a sign of procrastination? Anyhow I am back at sixth form for a year of hard work but who cares  because I have a pretty desk to do all of that work at. Hope you're all having a fab week!

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Review: Sleek Lipstick 'Vamp'



Over the past year I have been trying to find a dark red lipstick in the perfect shade. I have always found ones that are a bit too dark or a bit too light or they've run out of the good shade but whatever happened I could never get one that I would be happy with. I stumbled upon this whilst perusing the shelves of superdrug. The perfect shade, which is 'vamp' and said that it gives a matte finish which is a look I always want with lipstick. It said that it is also gives moisture to avoid giving you dry lips which sounded very hopeful. At only £4.99 (I think) I had to buy it. Here is what it looks like when applied:

Once applied the lipstick looks fab, it's dark and it's matte and seems like a dream come true. After a few hours I took a look in the mirror and a lot of it had rubbed off and my lips were incredibly dry even if I applied lip balm before applying the lipstick. I think it would be fine if you reapplied it every hour or so and therefore it would be better if you wore it when you weren't having a busy day and had time to reapply it. I am quite disappointed, it seemed to promise everything I wanted and in the end it wasn't what I expected. This does mean that I am on the hunt for yet another dark lipstick that wont make my lips dry and flaky.

Have you tried any Sleek lipsticks? What did you think of them?

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Green Day

Cardigan - Primark // T-shirt - Green Day Concert // Skirt H&M // Boots- Doc Martens

This is something that I just threw on this morning. I have loads of band t-shirts but I just never wear them (apart from my 'the clash' tee). I like how they remind you of the concert which in this case was reminding me of fainting because I was too hot. It was in the middle of one of the best songs too (basket case).

I go back to sixth form next week, completing my final year (ah). It's going to be jam packed with stuff from projects and course work, to day trips to Poland and spending my 18th in London. I am both so excited and exhausted at the thought. But for now lets just enjoy the weekend!

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August Favourites

Hello lovelies! This past month seems to have gone both so very slowly and very fast. Here are a few things that I loved using/wearing last month.

 Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub: I bought this at the end of July on a bit of a whim. I needed a new body scrub as my soap and glory one had run out. This one was on offer at £3 in ASDA as opposed to its original price at £6 (which I would never pay). Despite the fact that it's supposed to smell like apples to me it smells lemony, perhaps because it is yellow it makes me think it should be lemon. Anyway it is incredible. It has lots of bits (is there a technical term for them?) which is good because some scrubs only have 10 bits in the whole the bottle so lack scrubbiness. It leaves your skins feeling and smelling amazing.

Ciaté mini nail varnish in the shade 'cookies and cream' : I got this free with a Marie Claire magazine a month or two ago. I had high hopes for the polish as my other Ciaté polish is amazing. When applied it is more of a nude colour which is good because it matches with everything. I seem to have worn it a lot over the past month and I just really like it.
 Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: I probably don't need to talk about this very much because I am pretty sure that everybody and their cat uses it and loves it. As with everything else, I am late jumping on the band wagon but hey I am with it now and I love this concealer so much. It covers everything. I think normally it's £4.99 but when I bought it, it was in a 'everything under £4 sale' so was only £3.99. Money well spent.
 Crabtree and Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy: This is literally the best hand cream ever and well worth the £4.99 I spent on it whilst I was in Lytham. I can't even describe the smell as I don't think it smells like pomegranate and I have no idea what argan and grapeseed smell like but let me tell you it is beautiful. It leaves your hands feeling super soft and perfect. I am using it sparingly though because I don't know of  local place to buy more!

 Bunny Lamp: This lamp is one of those things that I always want when I go to Urban Outfitters so the last time I was there I thought why the hell not and bought it. It was only £8 and with student discount it was a measly £7.20. It's adorable and next year when I go to uni (ah) it will make a perfect addition to my room.

Mom Jeans: You will probably be sick to death of these jeans due to the amount I have worn them (see here, here and here). Like I have mentioned a million times before I love the mom jeans style but didn't want to fork out £40 for a pair of jeans and these were just over £2 in a charity shop so all is well and I didn't have to take out a loan to buy some jeans (yes I am exaggerating). I have a feeling I will be wearing these this month too and next month....and maybe the next (and forever more).

What were your favourite things this August?

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Careless Whisper

Cardigan - Primark // Top - Topshop // Trousers - Matalan // Midi Rings - Primark

Today I wanted to be comfy so I wore my paisley trousers because they make me feel like I'm wearing pyjamas. I matched them with my new black cami from Topshop before it gets seriously cold. As you can tell I have gone to doing outfit posts in my room again as my sister has gone back to uni so I can't force her to take my pictures. I may, if I am feeling brave, take my tripod outside but don't hold me to that.

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Week In Photos #36

Vogue // OOTD // New Primark midi-rings // new leather skirt // reading the Shining // the yummiest popcorn ever by propercorn
Hey lovelies! I have spent the beginning of the week with my Auntie, Uncle and little cousin as well as a having a job interview. For the remainder of the week I have been doing my, what seems like, never ending sixth form work which I have been doing for 5 weeks now, sewing and watching old episodes of True Blood. I think over this next week I will be finishing my work and I doing a few posts.

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