Sunday, 30 September 2012

Week In Photos #5

True Blood t-shirt // Cute new mug // hair dye // revising year 8 history // result of dip dye // new header // bought the wrong banners for my sister so I altered them á la Phoebe style ( from friends) //  OOTD (I'm wearing jeans!!!!!)
Just to expand on the 4th photo- I have started to help out with a year 8 history class as apart of our enrichment thing at school so I had to get my revision on so I didn't look stupid if I got asked questions. 
Sorry again for lack of posts this week. To give you an insight on how busy I am, I just spent 4 hours planning, sorting out and writing my history essay. I have to get an A in my assessments in October otherwise I have to carry on spending my frees doing extra work - no pressure or anything :( so yeah I'm stressing out a bit at the minute. 

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Quick thought.

I was bored waiting for my bath to run so I took some webcam pictures which I literally haven't done since I got my camera (so since about March). I had a lot of fun taking these pictures...sad I know. 

Anyway this is just a quick list of things I need/want to buy:
  • Tripod - Argos £20
  • Cosmopolitan Eyebrow kit - Superdrug £6.99
  • Some kind of new lipstick
  • photo albums - £1 ASDA (I think)
  • True Blood season 4
So this has been the worst post ever on my blog but who cares

Thursday, 27 September 2012

New header and button!

Hello! Just a quick post to tell you about my new header and button! I actually made the design myself properly. When I say that I mean I painted a piece of paper with cotton wool because I've lost my paint brush and I then added some text over the top and edited it a bit using picmonkey - yes I know I am a fail of a blogger because I don't have photoshop or any proper editing software.
Despite this I think they turned out okay! I will hopefully be sticking with this until I suddenly become artistic overnight and can make a better one. 
Let me know you think!! 

Monday, 24 September 2012

L'oreal Preferences Wild Ombre - Review

taken from google images
For about 2 years now I have wanted to have dip dye/ombre hair and I have finally done it (a little late I know). I decided to use L'oréal preference wild ombres in shade 2 for medium blonde to brown hair. I wasn't totally sure what shade to use because, if you have ever noticed, there is never a recommended shade for gingers (can you class that as racist?). 
I forgot to take pictures of the process so you will just have to use your imagination.
  • Firstly, you must put the lightening powder and lightening cream into bottle 1 and shake lots.
  • Then you put it onto the little brush and brush it evenly onto your hair where you want it
  • Then leave it for up to 45 minutes depending on how light you want it. 
  • Rinse it off and use the special shampoo

  • Before and after shots:
the after shot isn't fabulous because my hair is still a little bit wet and it does now look a bit lighter.
I think this picture shows you it a bit better
I totally recommend this product as it's so easy to use and the results are quite good. However if your hair is similar to mine (ginger!!!) then you might want to use the one for darker hair so it shows up a bit better or just leave it on for longer than 45 minutes. I will probably use a lightening shampoo to make it a bit brighter! 
I am really pleased with the results although it did turn my blonde highlights, that I got over a year ago, bright blonde!!! oh well! 
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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sheer and Leather

Coat - New Look //Sheer shirt - H&M // Leather Skirt - Rokit (I don't know if it's real leather) // Tights - ASDA maybe // Floral boots - Doc Martens (birthday present) // Moon earrings - topshop // necklace - Tentative Decisions via The Robyn Diaries giveaway

(excuse my double chin )
I woke up this morning and it was actually a little bit frosty meaning hello A/W 2012 so I decided to crack out the wolly tights! I feel as though this pictures don't capture the wonderfulness of this coat. I'm sure you will see it a lot this winter though!

Jumper - Matalan £14
I went to Matalan with my Mom today and got this lovely green jumper. I don't really have many wintery clothes that I actually like so I was very happy to get this.
Unfortunately there wont be a week in photos post tomorrow because well, I only took one picture. I haven't really done anything this week so nothing to photograph! Sorry!! x
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Thursday, 20 September 2012

What's in my bag

Bag - Primark // Purse (top) - Primark // Make up bag // Book - the Hobbit 

Inside the make up bag (L-R): Paracetamol, Hand sanitizer, Palmer's moisturising cocoa butter lip moisturising, mirror, hair bobble, little plastic thing with loads of hair clips in. 

New additions to my bag since I got a cold: extra strength strepsils, tissues
I have seen lots of bloggers do this and I have been contemplating doing it too for a long time. The things in my bag are very boring as I don't take make up with me when I go anywhere (apart from lipstick if I wear it) because I never feel the need to put it on. I tried to be realistic about what's in my bag, I never put my phone in my bag because it's difficult to get out if I need to quickly look at it. I would like to say that I take my camera everywhere but I always think someone will steal it. I do normally have a little notebook and pen in my bag as well but I appear to have lost it :(

So basically this has been a post of pictures of some things in my bag and then me rambling on about what I don't put in my bag. How...interesting for you!
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Floral Midi

Cardigan - Primark // Jumper - primark // skirt - charity shop // belt - primark // quartz necklace - tentative decisions via The Robyn Diaries giveaway // Rabbit ring - UO // Black ring - topshop I think (old) // gold ring - topshop

Today I risked wearing my granny skirt, as I like to call it, to sixth form. I did get a few weird looks but nothing to harsh. After sixth form I went to my local museum to see about job vacancies and they are hiring an assistant but I can only apply in a few weeks (they didn't specify when). 

The time of year is always horrible for me because I spend my whole summer holidays either with my sister or on my own and I don't mix with people much so when I go back to school I always get a cold. You will have to excuse me if I have a big red nose in my upcoming posts. 

 I hope you've had a nice week!

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Week in photos #3

Cody from the suite life of Zack and Cody in friends// too many folders :( // preparing for Monday // collar and spikes // NANDOS // David Bowie record // Blondie tapes // taking my sister to uni // cute necklace I've made

Today I took my sister back to uni and we went to hobby craft as well and I stocked up on earrings and crosses with the intention to sell but I have no idea how to use paypal and stuff. I'm sure I will figure it out. 

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Cute New Things

Cross hair clip - £1.50 Topshop

Studded pink headband - £2.50 Topshop

Thumb Rings - £2 River Island

Ear Cuffs - £2 River Island

Gel Eyeliner - Superdrug £3

David Bowie record - £1.99 Oxfam
Today I went shopping to Bury with my sister because she's going back to Uni on Sunday and I had the day off (inset days and I've only been back for a week). I didn't have a lot of money to take with me so I'm happy with my purchases today. I am especially pleased with the ear cuffs as similar ones in topshop were about £7.50! 

I also asked around for jobs and handed in CVs to Topshop (they were recruiting last week I cannot believe I missed it), New Look, Internacionale (is that how you spell it?) and Nandos. None of them actually had any vacancies but Topshop mentioned Christmas temps and Nandos said that a lot of their staff are going back to uni soon so that seems the most hopeful but I don't want to jinx anything.  

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Week In Photos #2

Jazzy jacket // the best £4.50 I have ever spend (company street style edit) // scarf-blanket when I was cold // FOTD (face of the day) // indoor sun bathing with Nancy // pretty folder for history // OOTD // cute shoe and sock combo // cute bracelet I made

I tried taking a photo a day this week which didn't really work and I think the first 4 are all from the same day! Oh well, I guess it goes to show what a boring week I've had! This 'week in photos' thing may become a weekly post from now on (as long as I take enough photos that is) because it's quite a good thing to fill gaps when I have nothing to post. 

Last night I broke my vow to myself and watched the X Factor! I promised myself not to watch any auditions because I find it unfair that they let bad contestants through the pre-celeb-judge auditions just so we can laugh at them. I can't even bare to imagine how they feel to see some of the things that are put on Twitter about them, it is pretty much bullying! 

Anyway rant over. I hope you've had a great weekend! xxx
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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Velvet Army

forgot to crop this one..oops
Dress - Charity shop // Army Jacket - Stratford // Necklace - New Look // Shoes - Doc Martens (my auntie's old ones) 
Can you believe that when my auntie bought these doc martens they cost her £15 and now they are about £110!! It's ridiculous! Anyway I have found a new place for outfit photos, my living room! I like the fire place area as a background. 

Here are some shots of my living room because there are some really cool things in it.
Our fire place is full of photos, candles and brass antiques!
Our old camera collection that sit on top of the record player

The amazing dip dye candle that we refuse to light
(they don't fit in with the rest of the stuff but who cares!)
I know you will be hearing this off a lot of other bloggers too but I might not be posting much over the next few weeks because of sixth form. I either have lots of work or I'm just too tired to even think about posting anything. I will try and do weekend posts and maybe a post during the week if something interesting happens. 
Have a great weekend! xx
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