Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Today's purchases

I think today I have had really bad luck. Firstly I went into a charity shop and found the most gorgeous fake leather shorts, originally from Glamorous, in my size and for only £3.50. But when I tried them on, they were far too big for me and had no belt loops so I had to sadly  put them back. I also went into an antique shop where a plant pot fell off a tall shelf right in front of me. I was about 2 steps away from it landing on my head.
Anyway here is what I did buy:

Green spotty dress - £3.99 - charity shop but originally from Glamorous

2 x disposable cameras (is it just me who thinks these are weirdly expensive)
Knee high socks for with my wellies
25 facial wipes (25p!!)

Just a note, I won't be posting any outfit posts this week because I am saving my clothes for festivals and going to chester with my sister. I am however making a 'my week in photos' post to compensate. 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Choose life

This week I have been to a local town called Rawtenstall (pronounced rotten-stall) and I must say that I have never really noticed how great it is as it has loads of charity shops, a market, 2 vintage boutiques - the vintage circus which is at the back of a cupcake shop and vintage cou cou (not been in this one yet), Sunday Best - which is a tad expensive but still nice and Bolthole which sells nice stationary, books and quirky stuff. 
I always moan that I don't live in a place with good shops etc. but I think I have just not bothered looking for them.

However when I went this week I only bought one thing due my lack of money because I'm still saving for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (just over 2 weeks now!!!)

Round 60s sunglasses - Market dressing up stall
(My mouth looks really weird)

This morning I went to a car boot sale and found nothing apart from a camera which was old and really used and were selling it for £5 which was a bit much seeing as I only had £7 on me. I also went charity shopping and nothing there either. I need a proper shopping spree (20 days until I can!!!) and to go to Topshop.

Also how amazing was the Olympic opening ceremony? I wasn't going to watch it because I thought it would be rubbish but, Danny Boyle you so proved me wrong! I literally screamed at the TV when the Trainspotting clip came on because I totally forgot that he was the director. It was amazing!  

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Guess what I spent my day doing? SUNBATHING!!! This is a very rare occurrence for me because on hot days I normally stay inside to avoid burning. Me and my sister went to the park and took pictures this morning. At the park there was also a cute couple that went and had a little picnic on a bench but the man looked like the Satanist man from ghost world. We spent the rest of the day drinking tea, listening to radio 1 and absorbing the rays. I was however smothered in sun cream. Here is my outfit for the day:

Monday, 23 July 2012

I won!

Robyn at The Robyn Diaries had a giveaway and I won the first prize! I was so excited because I don't think I've ever really won anything (apart from princess of the week in Cornwall when I was like 2). I was also very happy to see that it had been delivered this morning. This is what I won:

Pretty packaging!! 

Crown and Glory floral crown
Tentative Decisions crystal necklace

Robyn sent me a cute letter too!

Feeling like Lana (I'm sad I know)

Pretty box

Isn't it gorgeous!!!

I think you may be seeing me wearing these a lot from now on!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

More Walking

You know how in my last post I said I was going to a car boot today? Well I got the date wrong, it's next week. I'm so stupid! Instead me and my sister went for a walk to Calf Hey where there's a reservoir and man are my feet killing me! It was worth it though because I got some lovely pictures and got to wear my dress that I have only ever worn once before. 

My lovely sister in what I call her 'No Doubt Dress' (youtube "No doubt - don't speak" if you don't get it)

Danger danger

I look so weird but I love this dress

there was a lot of mini waterfalls

pebble throwing

I felt happy this morning waiting for my Mom to take me to a non existent car boot sale

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


This is what I wore today to go charity shopping and I didn't even buy anything! Please excuse my face in the photo on the right.
Army Jacket - Army Surplus in Stratford
Nirvana t-shirt - H&M
Riding style pants - H&M
Doc Martens - My auntie's

Okay so I have a question for all of you lovely followers and even non-followers reading this- would you be interested in me doing a giveaway and if so what kind of stuff would you want to see in a giveaway? Would you want clothes? Jewellery? A bit of both? I'm not very good with this kind of thing so let me know and I may just do a giveaway!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Purchases//Stratford Times

I'm back from my Dad's! This week we went to Stratford upon Avon on Tuesday and it is such a beautiful place and it is always really warm there. On Wednesday me and my sister went into Bromsgrove to do some excessive charity shopping and so I could buy the ghost world book but they didn't have it. On Thursday me and my sister went to a garden centre with my Nan. There was a hobbycraft there too and I got a sketchpad and some ribbon. On Friday we went back to Stratford so I could buy the Ghost World book (yay) and it was again really warm. 
Here are my photos from the week:

Stratford upon Avon 

Swans (I took this while I was walking hence the blurriness)

Me and my sister (I'm the ginge)

Me and my sister - excuse the faces I seem to pull, the sun was in my eyes


Laura, the second time we were in stratford

Me outside the pasty shop but we soon had to move because you have to pay to sit outside 

This is what I bought: Ghost World DVD, The virgin suicides book, summer camp CD, Slow Club CD and Kate Nash CD and Ghost  World book. The book and DVD of Ghost World are so different but both are so so good.

I also got this from an army surplus place for only £5. I gave my Dad the other one that was too big for me because it fits him and he gave me a £5 for it. I love this jacket, it's so comfy and actually fits me.

This was waiting for me when I got home. A gift from my Mother.
Tesco - £5

In just over 3 weeks I will be in Cropredy (I think this is what it's called) with my friend at a Folk festival and in 4 weeks, as soon as I get back from Cropredy, I will be going to Edinburgh and then Chester. 

I've had a lovely week and hope you all have too. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

6 days of outfits

So at this very moment in time I should be either on my way to or waiting to go to my Fatherkins' house in Worcestershire for the week so I have arranged a post of the outfits I shall be taking with me. I will also like to apologise now as there will be a total of probably 0 posts while I am there because the supposed free 500mb of internet I am supposed to get on my phone does not work. There is a very small possibility that I will be able to use my Dad's wifi so small posts with crappy pictures is what you should expect.

This is what I am wearing today to go in, not all 3 tops at once but I will wear the pastel crop top and I'm just taking the other 2.
 Nirvana T-shirt - H&M, Floral midi skirt - Oxfam, Sex Pistols crop t-shirt - H&M, pastel crop top- Topshop. I will wear this with either my creepers or my doc martens 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Walking times

I went for a walk yesterday and took some pictures, the sky looked really weird but kind of wonderful at the same time.

the view across my road

An abandoned house

a different part of the abandoned house

Dripping wall


The sky was pretty


mayflower (I think)

sunny sun sun sun

more sunny sun (it then started to rain)


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