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Folsom Prison Blues

I never thought I would or could be a fan of country music but my boyfriend likes a few Johnny Cash tracks and then we watched Walk the Line and now I'm a convert. I got this t-shirt as a gift from my Boyfriend and it's such a good fit, not too big and not too fitted, just the look I wanted. It's also incredibly soft and comfy so a winner all round, I would say. I of course paired it with my trusty mom jeans which I haven't worn that much of the past few weeks because, well have you seen the crazy hot weather? It's finally cooled down a bit now so I don't have to sleep with the fan on all night just so I don't feel like I'm sleeping in the pits of hell. I would however like bare leg weather to return please! In other news you may have noticed that there is a change of scenery. I moved out of my student house and I am now living with boyfriend (queue Monica style reaction). 
I hope you've all enjoyed the heat and didn't get too burnt (get that sun…

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