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A Beginner's Guide to Going Cruelty Free on a Budget: 6 Top Tips

I am sure it hasn't escaped your attention but cruelty free beauty is becoming much more popular and obviously for a good reason. Even in todays day and age, animal testing is still a massive issue. 
In 2013 a new European Union law was implemented stating that it is illegal to sell animal tested cosmetic products in the European Union, including the UK. This is because, well for starters, cruel methods are used to test the products on animals and they are subject to needless torture in the name of human vanity. There are also better methods that have been developed that do not involve cruelty, meaning there is simply no need to test on animals anymore. 
You might be thinking, "Well surely if it's been banned what's the issue?" Well, although companies can't sell animal tested products in Europe, they can still test them on animals and sell them in foreign markets. One prominent example of this is China, who insist quite the opposite and demand that cosmetic…

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